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Zbigniew Herbert, Robert Piotrowicz - Pan Cogito download album

  • Performer: Zbigniew Herbert
  • Title: Pan Cogito
  • Genre: Audio
  • Released: 2009
  • Style: Poetry
  • MP3 album: 1557 mb
  • FLAC album: 1240 mb
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Votes: 353
Zbigniew Herbert, Robert Piotrowicz - Pan Cogito download album

Other collaborators in recent years included Valerio Tricoli, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Klapper, Zbigniew Karkowski, Łukasz Szałankiewicz, Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre, Kasper Toepltz, Xavier Charles,Tony Buck and others.

Слушайте Robert Piotrowicz и скачивайте бесплатно в формате mp3 прямо сейчас, без кодов, смс и регистрации. 16 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 08 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 13 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 01 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 04 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 02 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 21 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 14 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 20 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz. 12 - Zbigniew Herbert & Robert Piotrowicz.

Pan Cogito"(Zbigniew Herbert, Bucuresti 2009, 2 cd audiobook). RANCIO" (dir. L. Jiricka text. Emil Cioran, Prague 2010, radio play). Robert Piotrowicz - Rurokura meets Jelito mini cdr (polycephal). Robert Piotrowicz, Burkhard Stangl, Anna Zaradny - Can't Illumination cd (musica genera). Robert Piotrowicz - The Path To The Death cdr (phase!) Robert Piotrowicz - Rurokura and Final Warn cd (emd records). Robert Piotrowicz, Xavier Charles - /// cd (emd records). Robert Piotrowicz - Lasting Clinamen cd (musica genera)

Best Zbigniew Herbert Poems. Prayer of Pan Cogito - Traveller. The Fable About A Nail. 4. Robert Service(831 poems). 5. Ella Wheeler Wilcox(702 poems). 6. Rudyard Kipling(550 poems). 7. Paul Laurence Dunbar(513 poems). 8. William Shakespeare(513 poems). 9. Robert Burns(505 poems).

Pan Cogito is, according to Ruel K. Wilson, one of Herbert's most pessimistic works. Wilson, who sees Herbert as "Poland's finest postwar poet," notes that his "concern .. is for humanity rather than for ideologies, which so often betray those who naively embrace them

Pan Cogito"(Zbigniew Herbert, Bucuresti 2009, 2 cd audiobook). Robert Piotrowicz - Lasting Clinamen cd (musica genera).

Best Poem of Zbigniew Herbert. Mr. Cogito And The Imagination. Cogito never trusted tricks of the imagination. the piano at the top of the Alps played false concerts for him. he didn't appreciate labyrinths the Sphinx filled him with loathing. he lived in a house with no basement without mirrors of dialectics. jungles of tangled images were not his home. he would rarely soar on the wings of metaphor and then he fell like Icarus into the embrace of the Great Mother. he adored tautologies explanations idem per idem Read the .

Walser, the new album by Robert Piotrowicz is a reiteration of the artist’s soundtrack for the eponymous film by Zbigniew Libera, in which the fictitious Concheli tribe enacts its ritual gestures through music and performance. Rather than following a traditional soundtrack format, where music is written after the film and cut to illustrate the cinematic form, Piotrowicz approaches the film as a point of departure to create an altogether autonomous sound work.

Sometimes Mr Cogito recalls, not without emotion, his youthful attempts at perfection, those juvenile per aspera ad astra. One day a small pebble happened to fall inside his shoe as he was hurrying to classes. It maliciously worked its way between raw flesh and his sock.


CD 1
1 Pan Cogito îşi Priveşte Chipul în Oglindă 2:42
2 Despre Cele Două Picioare Ale Lui Pan Cogito 1:06
3 Reflecţii Despre Tata 1:33
4 Mama 0:49
5 Sora 1:21
6 Pan Cogito şi Perla 1:51
7 Sentimentul Identităţii 1:19
8 Pan Cogito Se Gândeşte la întoarcerea în Oraşul Natal 1:30
9 Pan Cogito Reflectează Asupra Suferinţel 1:36
10 Prăpastia Lui Pan Cogito 1:47
11 Pan Cogito şi Gândul Pur 1:37
12 Pan Cogito Citeşte Ziarul 1:32
13 Pan Cogito şi şirul Gândurilor 1:09
14 Pan Cogito şi şirul Gândurilor 2:07
15 Alienările Lui Pan Cogito 1:16
16 Pan Cogito îşi Studiază Prietenul Mort 2:08
17 Sufletul în Fiecare Zi 0:55
18 O Poezie de Toamnă Târzie A Lui Pan Cogito Destinată Revistelor Pentru Femei 0:56
19 Pentru A Scoate Obiectele 0:57
20 Pan Cogito Analizează Diferenţa Dintre Glasul Uman şi Glasul Naturii 1:54
21 Sequoia 1:46
22 Cei Care Au Pierdut 2:17
23 Pan Cogito Se Plânge de Meschinăria Viselor 2:16
24 Pan Cogito şi Poetul la O Anumită Vârstă 3:41
25 Pan Cogito şi Muzica Pop 2:06
26 Pan Cogito Despre Magie 1:58
27 Pan Cogito Vede la Luvru Statueta Marii Mame 1:34
28 Povestea Minotaurului 2:50
29 Bătrânul Prometeu 1:17
30 Caligula 2:16
31 Hakeldama 1:38
32 Pan Cogito Povesteşte Despre Ispita Lui Spinoza 5:17
CD 2
1 Georg Heym - O Aventură Aproape Metafizică 4:13
2 Pan Cogito Primeşte Uneori Scrisori Ciudate 2:10
3 Reflecţiile Lui Pan Cogito Despre Ispăşire 0:56
4 Pan Cogito Caută Un Sfat 1:51
5 Jocul Lui Pan Cogito 4:26
6 Ce Crede Pan Cogito Despre Iad 1:59
7 Pan Cogito Despre Poziţia Verticală 2:34
8 Mesajul Lui Pan Cogito 3:22
9 Sufletul Lui Pan Cogito 1:53
10 Rugăciunea Lui Pan Cogito Călătorul 3:44
11 Pan Cogito - Reîntoarcerea 3:25
12 Pan Cogito şi Imaginaţia 2:34
13 Pan Cogito şi Longevitatea 3:09
14 Pan Cogito Despre Virtute 2:01
15 Monstrul Lui Pan Cogito 3:14
16 Pan Cogito Despre Nevoia de Rigoare 4:55
17 Reflecţiile Heraldice Ale Lui Pan Cogito 0:59
18 Calendarele Lui Pan Cogito 3:14
19 Pan Cogito şi Micuţul Animal 1:45
20 Contribuţia Lui Pan Cogito la Tragedia de la Mayerling 1:38
21 Pan Cogito între Vis şi Veghe 3:36


  • Composed By – Robert Piotrowicz
  • Voice – Zbigniew Herbert

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